Ágnes Gabnay

My name is Ágnes Gabnay, I was born in 1969 in Miskolc, Northern-East part of Hungary, Central-East Europe.

By graduation, I am an economist, working mainly in financial services area. Maybe that’s why I pushed my creative self into the background, I couldn’t unleash my imagination in my daily job. Yet I have always been interested in different branches of the arts. When I was a student, dance was a big love.

A drawing course was on my bucket list for many years and I started it after I became 40 years old. I had nothing to lose since I started with the stick man level. I made graphite pencil drawings, and then half a year later, a huge box was waiting for me under the Christmas tree. There were canvases, brushes, paints in it, to my greatest surprise.

I started learning to paint from the internet, always setting a slightly harder goal for myself than I felt capable of. Then after two years of practice, I felt like I couldn’t develop much in a self-taught way anymore.

I found a painting school where a new world opened up before me, I was given serious assignments. Until then, I only painted with acrylic on canvas, wood fiber.

At the painting school I completed an oil painting course and joined the oil painting group of a fantastic master, Kálmán Gasztonyi.

It was an incredibly good feeling to be in an open yet challenging community. There is no stopping in painting, it is always about discovering, learning and that’s okay.

It’s best to paint a picture that comes from the heart, always showing a piece of my thoughts.

I know that I have embarked on a journey that I will not leave, I have tasks and goals for years to come.