Why painting?

I am Ágnes Gabnay, I created this page to present my paintings. I started painting to entertain myself, I wanted to explore a new world and relax. At first, I discovered drawing with graphite. Then Christmas came and there was a huge box under the tree full of paint, brush and of course canvas. At first I looked in shock, then there was nothing to do, I started painting ….

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Rózsáim Akril vászontáblára, 30x40cm 2021
Rózsáim - akril vászontábla, 30x40cm, 2021
Talány, akril vászonra, 50x70 cm, 2021
Talány, akril vászonra, 50x70 cm, 2021
Ketten tanulmánykép, akril farostra, 40x40 cm, 2018


Dear Reader, whether you are an artist or interested in art, I will guide you into a tiny slice of the world of painting, please read into the blog.

I have been planning to create a virtual gallery for some time. That’s why I got into creating a website and decided not to entrust my website to anyone else. I’m still a beginner, be tactful with me 🙂

One of my big favorites is Salvador Dali, and this quote is very true and reflects Dali’s distinctive humor. The journey is very long, for someone to become a good painter, there is sweat, torment and also pave on the way sometimes. On the other hand, when a good painting has been completed, solving a difficult task compensates for it many times over.

"Just because someone can't draw doesn't mean he'll be a good painter."

 Salvador Dali

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